Marlon Jackson
Torin Jessie
Mr. Marlon Jackson Sr. (of the fame Jackson 5), founder of Study Peace Fashion Worldwide, LLC. wanted to create a label that people would wear and enjoy internationally, as well as unite people in harmony.

Mr. Jackson has teamed up with Mr. Torin Jessie, a noted software designer, and marketing expert who has worked with several fortune 500 companies, designing award winning concepts and marketing campaigns, which makes him one of the most sought after influential designers.

Study Peace Fashion Worldwide, LLC. is a sophisticated clothing line with an urban flare appealing to all nationalities and ages. Fashion is a universal language like music and what better way to bring the attention of the need for peace.

What differentiate Study Peace Fashion from other brands, the Study Peace brand is more than just another clothing line, it's a movement, a fast moving train that's picking up passengers' across this planet. Come aboard, catch a ride and be a part of history, wear Study Peace, cause peace is what we need.